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Here are our most common services, but we like to think whatever you want done, we can do!

Website Design

We can make good looking, functional websites that not only attract customers in, but make it easy to find crucial information.

Search Engine Optimisation

Because it doesn't matter how pretty a website is if people can't find it! We make your website easier to find on search engines.

Hosting and Maintenance

Making sure your website is always running, and with your latest information.


Click on an image to find out about some of the previous projects we've done at Opelle!

Gratton Saltford

Gratton Ltd.

Horse Arena

C & R Herbert


Alison Smith

Saltford Design

Guernsey Horse Trials

Local Council

East Harptree Parish Council

Marksbury Playgroup site

Marksbury Playgroup

Stages of production

We work alongside our customers each step of the way to make sure we are developing something you can be proud of!

  • Design planning


    We discuss what you want

    Between us, we will talk through ideas to establish what you are looking for and how we can make your website work for you. This will involve the style of your website in the way it looks and is navigated, and any features you want integrated.

  • drafting


    We make a rough draft

    We create a basic draft based on what we have discussed to show you the gist of how your website will look and function.

  • developing


    We make changes and complete site

    You tell us what you like and the areas that you would like modifying and we continue to complete the website accordingly. We will maintain consistent contact to ensure we are developing the right website for you!

  • finishing it off


    Finish any last tweaks

    Website complete! We finalise any last details and make sure you are happy with how your website works. We can also create company emails and social media for you to complete the package!

  • Make

About Us

You need to know who you're hiring, after all!

We are a small team based near Bristol and Bath called Opelle. We specialise in Web Design, but have a large suite of other skills. We can host websites that you've built yourself, as well as performing SEO on an existing underperforming website. We've been building sites individually since around 2009; however began working as a team to create Opelle in early 2014.

We do not work on Opelle full time, meaning we never take on more than one project at a time, to ensure we can give our customers the best, personal service. We are open and honest to the fact that we have full time jobs, this does not mean we are slow to get the job done! We are more than used to meeting strict schedules and deadlines!

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Please feel free to get in touch by either using the form below, or emailing us directly on the email address above. We look forward to hearing from you!